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The CEO of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime, were interviewed. Problems with layout of the game is the future development of products and corporate mission discussed. This service allows players to learn more about the development plan.Plans the Asian market. They try to provide as much content as possible for Asian players. In North America, their work priorities Diablo third when they delayed the release of Diablo 3 Gold, the designers spend more time on development. As for plans in the Asian markets, no additional content to be veiled.

IOS and the Android game. IOS and Android games are popular with players around the world. Although Blizzard has a lot of interest in these games, do not develop games as you can organize far.Is BlizzCon in Asia? They make the operating site of Anaheim is because it is not far from the workplace. And ‘convenient for them to participate in activities Support Diablo 3 Gold. BlizzCon needs a great deal of time and effort. Because BlizzCon so wonderful? And ‘mainly due to efforts of the staff that work at Blizzard parts. They like BlizzCon once a year. BlizzCon site, and select the next snowstorm.

XPan and Pandarus is to attract players from China? The players are interested in Pandaren. Pandaren idea is not bad. It ‘wonderful to be Pandaren. Other races added to the game. Wow is very popular in Taiwan and China. Pandaren is loved not only by people in Taiwan and China, but also players from around the world. Blizzard has plans for several different markets countries.Why Blizzard is so creative? Where is the building? Blizzard’s designers are talented. They have experienced players at the same time. They are dedicated to developing games that players want to play.

Is the value of eight Blizzard designed by Mike and their team? Blizzard is known for its eight values: The game retains First, a commitment to quality, large playing field bears, embrace your inner geek, all questions to vote, think globally, the lead, learn and grow. To start with brainstorming activities outside the snowstorm. What blizzard? What are the core values? What is the mission of the company? Many values ??are mentioned. Among the values ??that are selected eight core values. They show that Blizzard is. Values ??in the collection, helping staff with valuable advice blizzard. After improving the value, they are open to staff working.